Why you need your Own Website?

These days a lot of music artists find the idea of creating or building a website a daunting task, it sounds difficult and expensive, but don’t you know that, having your own website can be the best way to promote and show your talent worldwide.
If you are a music artist and you want to be taken seriously online, you need to have your own website for several great reasons. Such reasons are the following: Read More »

Lease Beats vs. Exclusive Beats

Are you one of those inspiring artists who are starting to create a newer piece of musical project? If yes, then maybe it looks like a mix-tape or an album. However, it is significant to know that acquiring the most accurate beats is further essential.

At the present, many artists are purchasing their beats over the internet. They likely get the same questions from producers whom they get in contact with. The most commonly-asked question to hear from one of them is, “Do you want the lease or exclusive beats?” Read More »

What Ingredients are Needed for a Good Mix Tape or Album

A mixtape or album is more than a portable stuff of your most preferred music. A cleverly made album is a labor of art. Making a good album is a venture or an effort which has plagued folks for decades. When done correctly, an album will earn a status amongst friends. A poorly made mixtape, on the other hand, will just make your time and hard work a waste.
Creating a good album is an incredibly subtle practice. In fact, it takes a definite amount of knowledge. In making an album, there are lots of things you should and shouldn’t do. Here are some of the things about making a good mixtape that will certainly be loved by the listeners. Read More »

How to Stay Creative and Motivated as a Rapper

Are you one of the aspiring rappers who want to be successful in the music industry? Rapping is not easy to do most especially if you are not used to it. There are lots of individuals who became professional and expert in the field of rapping. Through constant practice and willingness to learn, they are able to rap correctly. In the field of rapping, you will be required to pronounce and enunciate more words per minute. Of course, you will not only be required to pronounce more words but you are also required to pronounce it with clarity so that your listeners will clearly understand the message of your rap. Read More »

Why You Should Collaborate with Other Artists

For music artists, creating exclusive beats, musical compositions, and song lyrics is a daunting task. They can easily create musical compositions and songs that appeal to their own taste, but selling it to the market is not as easy as others think. This is because customers and music lovers are hard to please.
The lifeblood of music artists is their fans and customers. Aside from their passion, they also need these individuals to keep their career going. They are the ones who provide them with support and funds so that they can create more songs. Read More »

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